Great Disruption or the Great Awakening?

I'm writing this as we start to close in on Easter 2020. It's pretty obvious this year that things are a bit different. Our collective focus has shifted as we walk through this time together. As I venture out the the grocery store, mask included, I over hear the tail end of a conversation as someone says, " but the whole world is in quarantine!". I was struck by this statement and reflected back on my morning hike. "Is it" I thought to myself. "Is the whole world in quarantine, or is it just the human race?"

My morning hike left me in awe at the brimming explosion of spring. Maybe it is the isolation that enhanced the beauty. Cactus flower are out in full splendor. The air feels clear and warm the a life breeze. The brown smog cloud has vanished. There is a cacophony of birds joyfully singing. I even had a humming bird stop my way to say hello. It's clear to me that nature in not in quarantine. In Fact, she is in full force, jubilant and openly to supporting all of life's creatures. How interesting it is to realize that it is only humans that are in quarantine. The one species that appears to have a since of separation from nature came face to face with something that it could not control. The rest of the world kept right on spinning.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm angry and horrified at the lose of life, both those who are sick and dying as well as those who cared for them. Our healthcare workers left without the proper protection, who still insisted that we are #bettertogether. I could really go off on a rant about that. But I want stand in a position where i am for something and not just against what I feel isn't working.

Struck by these thoughts, I am left pondering what I can do about this realization. Greater still, how can each of us become a part of the process of healing? And then it hit me . . .What if, instead of the great disruption this became the great awakening? The experience that served as a wake up call, a re-birth if you will. To me, this is the meaning of Easter. It is about re-birth. It's a time to begin again, find a higher truth, lead a greater my purpose filled life. What if each one of us did just one thing each day to work towards that goal? What if we each stayed awake and aware of the fact we are in this together. Not just with each other, but with every living thing and even the planet itself.

I believe that together anything is possible. So this is my invitation to you. Take a stand with me. Together let us consciously choose to create a world that works for not just everyone, but for everything. Let's make that our new normal, instead of returning to the old one that wasn't working to being with.

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